Angie Snelling

Angie Snelling was born in Cheshire in 1957 and moved to Yorkshire in 1975 to study Art & Education at Bretton Hall. She then taught Art & Design in a Leeds school before leaving to bring up her family. Whilst at home she took up painting again, working as a graphic designer/ illustrator for various publishing companies.

She is a self-taught watercolour artist, her inspiration coming from the early English artists such as John Sell Cotman and William Turner. Having spent many of her holidays in Cornwall Angie has now realised her lifetime’s dream and moved to Kernow. Once again she is working full time as a freelance artist and illustrator. Her paintings are available as originals and prints, and in some cases on greetings cards and calendars. Angie is also happy to take on private commissions.

Rapid changes in weather and light, and the dramatic effect these have on the seascape and landscape have continued to fascinate her. Through the translucent quality of watercolour paint she tries to depict those changes in light and colour.